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Plants play a vital role in the ecological BALANCE of our planet as well as their intimate link to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of mankind. Essential oils are contained in many plants. They present in tiny droplets between the cells where they appear to aid and support the plant in adapting to its environment and thus yield in situations that are stressful to the plant.
These oils contained in plants are known to be protective and supportive to the plants natural defences. Therefore this mechanism of action is mirrored within the human body. This is possible due to the similar cellular structure and function of plant and human cells. They work the same way as our bodies as they do in nature. They penetrate cell membranes and disperse into our blood and tissues (absorbed quickly through the skin).
Their purpose is to help support all of our body systems by keeping our bodies clean and our system function optimally.
This is one of the reasons it is so important to use only pure therapeutic grades oils.

To harmonise between our bodies, minds and emotions is the key for us to be able to enjoy our lives.
Here at Balance By Design, we use and love to share how essential oils (plant essences) can secure your health with and enhance the benefits.

Feel free to go through our ESSENTIAL OILS REFERENCE manual, as it will inform you for all you need to know about plants, oils and how to use all the Young Living products. It offers insights into using essential oils to address health concerns and also for everyday use in the home from cooking, cleaning, taking internally, aromatically harmonising your home, gardening and so much more.

If you are looking to get rid of toxic cleaning and beauty products then Young Living website is a treasure trove of wisdom and really easy steps for you to get what you need Visit Young Living here

We also highly recommend that you eventually acquire your own Premium Starter Pack of Young Living Oils, which includes 11 therapeutic essential oils, a beautiful diffuser with some extra little gifts. It is good value and will cover your basic needs for a good while.

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When it comes to oils, where there is goodness, there is magic!

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