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Throughout the year, we are inviting guest teachers, health practitioners and colleagues from “out of town” to offer their workshops and trainings in our Mittagong studio space:
Self care, ease your pains, improve your flexibility, build muscle strength, improve your posture, help keeping drug free, prevent cartilage and joint breakdown, protect your spine, better your bone health, increase your blood flow, drain your lymphs and boost your immunity, up your heart rate, regulate your adrenal glands, find a healthier lifestyle, help your focus, relax your system, improve your balance, maintain your nervous system, help your sleeping patterns, give your lungs room to breathe, prevent digestive problems, enjoy more inner strength, increase your self esteem, build awareness and transformation…  to name a few UPCOMING workshops this year. So stay tuned and join us for any of these inspirational workshops in our growing health community.

RECAPTURE your FLEXIBILITY - 2 part workshops

Come and Join Dr Penelope Jones for some ridiculously easy movement lessons to release chronic muscular tension that gets in the way of a great golf shot, eases sports ability and improves general flexibility as we age.
Lessons use neuroplastic learning (from FELDENKRAIS METHOD) to rewire the way your brain moves your muscles and skeleton. Wouldn’t it be good to go back to move like you did as a 25yr old…
Very suitable for all sporting and non sporting people. But only if you want to move more like a gazelle than a rusty robot.

2 Saturdays:
8th June 2019 and 17th August 2019 at the Mittagong Studio, from 11:30 until 2pm, $55 each day

Bookings call Penelope Jones 0427 222 303 or Laure 0416 078 589
For more information: www.workingposture.com.au

Buteyko Breathing, what is it?

Buteyko breathing helps people enhance their exercises. It is about slow, regular breathing using the diaphragm. Slow breathing reduces agitation and diaphragm breathing reduces agitation. Conversely, mouth and upper chest breathing increases agitation. Optimal breaths per minute – six. Learn how to improve your breathing and help conditions such as: sleeping difficulties, snoring, sleep apnoea, reduce stress, anxiety, asthma, sinusitis and reflux.

2 hour mini workshops will be regularly offered on Saturday afternoons at the Mittagong Studio.
Please contact Laure Ancedy on 0416 078 589 for the next workshop date and schedule

Yin Yoga Pranayama and Inner Methods

We love all things Yin Yoga:
The purpose of Mindfulness (non defensive readiness)
Elimination and the Meridians
Psychological exhaustion and loving kindness Meditation
Open Vessel Clear Mind

Laure Ancedy believes in the transformational power that astute breathing, clean healthy nutrition (a guest Naturopath and Nutritionist will be joining us) and a regular Yin Yoga practice combined can have. Guidance and support will be provided with ongoing Masterclasses throughout each year. Each class will provide you with practical knowledge and realistic strategies, helping you to transform your body and your Meditation practice. Enjoy grounded energy and inspire your sense of wellbeing.

These Masterclasses are for existing clients only – Bookings 0416 078 589

Private / Semi Private Pilates sessions with Marketa Krueger and Laure Ancedy Bookings 0416 078 589

Private GYROTONIC(R) sessions with Laure Ancedy Bookings 0416 078 589

Private / Semi Private Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation with Laure Ancedy Bookings 0416 078 589

Private / Small Group Hatha Yoga and Bowen technique with Steven Harris Bookings 0431 966 770

Therapeutic Massage Bookings with Michelle Vialla 0413 413 528

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